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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 19, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, Utah -- JYBO Life announced today that Amazon provides free shipping on all orders over $35. Customers who order 2 or more of their new Solar Battery Chargers to receive shipping at no charge. Customer that are Amazon Prime members will receive free shipping on all orders. JYBO Life indicated that free shipping along with Amazon's ability to reach every household in North America confirms their decision to utilize Amazon as their exclusive distribution channel. The JYBO Tech Solar Battery Chargers were designed to be an easy to use, weatherproof and shockproof cell phone charger for those people on the go.

    Positive customer feedback continues to flow in regarding the use of the new JYBO Chef Silicone Baking Mats. One customer recently stated, "I have been looking for a good solar charger as a backup to a couple mobile devices and this is great. Allowing me to charge 2 devices at once and even with the mini usb port it helps make sure I can keep all my mobile devices charged and ready to go at a moments notice." Customer feedback is the primary driver in JYBO Life's product development business model.

    JYBO Life's Co-Founder and CEO Jim Haley stated, "We genuinely believe is the best platform for our type of product sales. The fact our customers can purchase our baking mats as a Prime member and pay no shipping or tax makes buying our solar chargers great value. Even if you're not an Amazon Prime member, customers can buy 2 solar chargers and shipping is still free. With it's free shipping model and extensive reach, Amazon continues to excel as the top product distribution channel in the world."

    The release of their new 5000mAh Solar Battery Chargers along with free shipping from positions JYBO Life to continue their mission to provide easily accessible, high quality products to their customers at affordable prices.

    About JYBO Life

    JYBO Life is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and tech products. Their mission is to make their customer's lives a little easier with well designed and easy to use every-day products.

    Jim Haley

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 19, 2015 ) Sydney -- The devastating April storms in NSW left many businesses without power and unable to trade but with the use of the mobile POS from Retail Express, Opposite Lock were able to recommence trading with ease.

    "Mobile POS is a relatively new technology often overlooked by retailers but can be a very useful tool for businesses" said founder and CEO Aaron Blackman.

    "Without previously running a mobile POS in store, the Retail Express support staff had it up and running in less than 5 minutes" said Melanie Allerton, owner of the Newcastle Opposite Lock store. She went on to say "it was the perfect opportunity to grab email addresses as our receipt printer was out of action as well".

    The option to be mobile on a showroom floor gives retailers the ability to interact with customers right where they're browsing. Whether they need a different color or are ready to complete the sale, the ability to have the POS software running on an iPad or Android tablet is very useful.

    Retailers can use the full services of Retail Express POS on most tablet devices including:

    o Look up any item.
    o Make a sale.
    o Email a receipt.
    o Take customer details for future marketing purposes.
    o Do a transfer of stock to and from another store.
    o Combat showrooming by being present with the customer in store and answering any questions with the required search tools on hand.

    "We've had several of our clients report a reduction in showrooming after initiating mobile POS in their stores" said Mr Blackman.

    Given that customers are now opting for the convenience of mobile to answer any questions about a store, stock or reviews, having the ability to assist them on the showroom floor is priceless.

    The Retail Express mobile POS option comes standard as a feature of the software.

    For more information and to learn about the pricing options available visit the Retail Express website

    About Retail Express:
    Retail Express is Australia's leading cloud based retail-operating software for small to medium sized businesses. They provide POS systems, inventory management and intelligent reporting to over 3000 businesses worldwide in fashion apparel, furniture, sporting and general retail.

    Bamik Hambaz
    +61 (07) 3117 0530

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- eScala, the company that offers latest technology devices and accessories that make peoples' lives easier and happier, announces a special gift for every Neckband Headphones Headset purchase – a soft fabric cover that protects the device and offers more comfort and wear-ability to the user.

    Headsets have become a widely spread electronic accessories for every day use. People use them as players or business tools and many have them on all day long. Escala's model is a comfortable neckband Headphones Headset that is easy to be worn even when not in use. "Our headphones headset is lightweight and comfortable. It's design makes it easy to use even for sport activities. It can rest on the neck without bothering the user, even when the device is off. However, for those with sensitive skin or allergies or, simply, for avoiding the contact with the device material, we offer now a soft fabric cover. It covers the area that rests on your neck increasing the comfort and wear-ability", says Dan Scala, company CEO.

    The cover is made of fleece fabric and comes in black color. It is removable, so it is easy to be cleaned whenever needed.

    About eScala Neckband Headphone Headset
    eScala Headphones Headset is a modern accessory appropriate for day by day activity. It pairs, via Bluetooth, with any IOS or Android device and has multiple uses. The Headset is designed to provide simultaneous connections and runs up to 10 hours of music time and approximately 15 hours of talk time. It covers and area of up to 10 meters and vibrates when going out of range. The device is available on Amazon and comes with a 12 months manufacturers guarantee.

    About eScala

    eScala is a global brand and company that invests in, creates and builds businesses that align with its goal to push humanity forward. It is a passionate team dedicated to consumer goods who are identifying products that help transform people's lives. This Wireless Bluetooth Headset is one of them. eScala stands for ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives.

    Dan Alexandru

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    one of the best gadgets

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Wilmington, Delaware -- While the company has actively denied allegations regarding a deliberate leak and creating hype, it seems as though there is still lots of information coming from within the company unchecked. One reason cited by experts is that the company is yet to implement privacy and secrecy measures like others in the tech industry. Employees are said to have computers that can access the internet, USB and Firewire ports without so much as a password. But the tech department within Stunning Gadgets has maintained that its only because limiting technology within the company is no answer, but rather employees need to work and act responsibly, especially with the release of the new Solar Panel Power Bank coming up soon.

    Just last week Stunning Gadgets' senior management sent an internal email to all employees warning of dire consequences if secrets are revealed to the press. The internal email points to the NDA (non disclosure agreement) that everyone signs when getting hired. Those that breach the agreement will have to face legal action. This is regardless of how high up the management chain the person may be. This is a clear indicator that at least Stunning Gadgets' own management had nothing to do with the leaks and so speculation about it being pre-planned can now be tossed aside.

    Stunning Gadgets' marketing manager said "After the media repeatedly saying that information was being leaked from within our walls we decided it was time to rein in whoever was doing this. We take our privacy and confidentiality very seriously and will do what it takes to ensure that sensitive information regarding our products are never revealed unofficially until the news broke about the new solar power phone charger. Employees who have been speaking to the press in the past should take heed that this will no longer be tolerated and strict legal action will be taken against those who do not stop speaking to the press. Within the next couple of days, we will start actively monitoring our employees and press reports to find who is responsible for recent leaks. Be rest assured Stunning Gadgets has no need of creating hype, we already receive our fair share of air time."

    In the past, many tech companies have had to deal with leaks. Case in point being Apple's new iPhones often the focus of a new leak by various websites. However, unlike Apple, Stunning Gadgets has managed to contain almost all processes in one neat unit which makes finding and eliminating leaks easier now that management has started to take it very seriously especially after a series of product leaks.

    Many times employees of high end tech companies will leak info to the press for financial gain. If found employees can be punished to the full extent of the law which if anything means a horrible career ahead.

    About Stunning Gadgets

    Stunning Gadgets is a company that sources various products from all over the world. Its objective is to provide niche consumers with the best products manufactured in the top facilities worldwide using the finest materials available.

    Stunning Gadgets combines the highest quality materials with innovation and a great warranty ensuring that people get the highest return on their investment. This approach has made Stunning Gadgets one of the leaders in the Gadgets industry.

    Stuart Cronshaw

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Sandy, Utah -- ModFamily, the company that puts a modern twist on many classic household commodities, announced today that it was introducing a new product, the EyeTrak GPS, designed to keep track of children and help parents maintain safety. EyeTrak is a key-fob sized global positioning system (GPS) tracking device that a child can wear around his neck like a medallion. Parents can know where children are without having to learn to work a complex GPS system. EyeTrak has a button that enables a child to call one of three phone numbers. The device has two-way audio so parents can reach children wherever they are.

    "Every parent understands the kind of anxiety you can get the second you lose sight of your child," said Jamie Kelly, Co-Founder of ModFamily. "We want to eliminate worry. The last thing you need to be worrying about when your child has wandered off is how to work a tricky GPS mechanism. That's why EyeTrak is ultra-simple to help parents maintain control and keep kids safe."

    ModFamily was born as parents and founders, Jamie and Chad Kelly and Rob and Brittney Johnson, discovered new household tools that not only put a modern twist on classic household commodities, but also instantly made their lives easier. Their enthusiasm to share these great finds ignited, and a company was born! "We are passionate about connecting modern families with familiar products that enrich and simplify everyday living -- with an innovative, modern twist."

    EyeTrak, available on, is also handy for keeping track of valuables, and can be affixed, hidden or stored in a variety of different ways.

    About ModFamily

    ModFamily's purpose is to enrich and simplify the lives of modern families by providing everyday living products that have an innovative, modern twist. In the words of its founders, "This is not your mama's kitchen knife, grandmother's sewing machine or papa's razor. This is you. This is now. Simplify, Enhance, Modernize." ModFamily's modern family products are designed to fit the needs of every modern-day family.

    Jamie Kelly

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Excellent Bluetooth wireless mobile phone monopod - Latest Model 2015

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- It has only been a few years since taking "selfies" became a common term for using smartphone cameras in order to capture a close up face image with or without a visible backround. Selfie Sticks, accessories that allow getting better selfies with true wide-angle views are even newer than that, but they become more and more popular and it is easy to figure out why: when holding the phone in one's hands, the length of the arm is the largest distance from which the picture can be taken. When attaching the mobile device to a Selfie Stick, the user gets a true angle view and a better image.

    Escala has been offering this kind of accessory for a few months now and it is the company's best selling item. "Our Selfie Stick are good quality products and that is proven by our customers' feedback. The phone holder can be adapted to the smartphone's dimensions, is flexible and is designed to avoid phone scratching. The rod extends to 1005 mm, is ferm and does not shake when fully extended. Since it is a summer must have accessory, we decided to come closer to our customers and make it more affordable, so we decided to offer a 30% discount to our item", reports company CEO, Dan Scala.

    Escala Selfie Stick is lightweight and easy to use. It adjusts to phone dimensions and is easy to be paired with almost any smartphone. With the camera application on, a photo can be taken with a touch of a botton. The battery charges in less than an hour and lasts up to 100 hours. The Selfie Stick is compact and can be carried even in small bags.

    Is is available on Amazon and has a 12 months manufacturers guarantee.

    About eScala

    eScala is a global brand and company that invests in, creates and builds businesses that align with its goal to push humanity forward. It is a passionate team dedicated to consumer goods who are identifying products that help transform people's lives. This Bluetooth Selfie Stick is one of them. eScala stands for ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives.

    Dan Alexandru

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, Utah -- JYBO Life announced today the end of its promotional pricing for their JYBO Tech Solar Battery Charger. The promotion began July 1, 2015 with the reduction in pricing on to $18.95 and will end next Monday, July 20, 2015. JYBO Tech's Solar Battery Chargers were designed for the active lifestyle. They are weatherproof, dirtproof and shockproof and portable.

    JYBO Life's Co-Founder and CEO Jim Haley stated "In promoting our JYBO Tech Solar Battery Chargers, our goal was to provide our customers additional savings early on. That way, we get our solar chargers into the hands of our customer so they can give us their opinions. We do this type of promotion with every product we release to drive early customer adoption and to promote product reviews."

    One customer stated "I've been wanting to buy a solar charger for some time now and after trying this product out I couldn't be happier! I got two full charges for my phone and I love that there are two USB ports! I can't wait to take this perfectly sized charger out for some hiking and camping." Another customer stated "This device has already saved me on one occasion. It easily gave my iPhone 6+ the full charge that it needed. I keep it in my work/laptop bag at all times just in case. I just checked the charger and it is still fully charged after at least a week sitting in my bag. It is a good compact size and very rugged…".

    Mr.Haley stated "We're very excited about the overwhelmingly positive reviews we've received. This validates our research and confirms our mission to provide products that genuinely simplify and enhance our customer's lives."

    With the release of their new 5000mAh Weatherproof Solar Battery Charges and the promotional discount, JYBO Life reaffirms their commitment to provide easily accessible, high quality products at reasonable prices.

    About JYBO Life

    JYBO Life is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and tech products. Their mission is to make their customer's lives a little easier with well designed and easy to use every-day products.

    Jim Haley

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) South Riding, Virginia -- DigiStom announces stocks for their Spy Car Key Camera are going fast due to great demand. The device is used to covertly record videos and take photos from a safe distance. It also functions as a PC webcam, and so can be utilized for video chatting with loved ones or conducting video conferences and webinars.

    The DigiStom Spy Car Key Camera is exclusively sold by Kiserena via and has gradually gained more and more customers. According to Kiserena's latest inventory record, the hidden camera product has shown a very small number of units left.

    Some of the features of the Digistom Spy Car Key Camera are as follows:

    • Supports TF card (2GB-32GB memory)
    • Records quality 720*480p videos at 30 fps
    • Takes quality 1280*960p photos
    • Real time recording in AVI video format and supports MP3/WAV/WMA music format
    • Continuous video recording for two hours
    • Supports systems including Microsoft windows XP/2000/Vista/Win 7 or Mac's
    • Mini USB port connected to PC for easy transfer of data
    • Built-in rechargeable battery (300mah)
    • DC5v charging

    According to a spokesperson for DigiStom, the spy camera is also selling successfully in the market due to its ease of use. The device has simple one button activation and easy video playback for most computer systems whether PC or Mac.

    This spy camera comes with free shipping on orders over $35 or with Amazon Prime, and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty for risk-free purchasing. This warranty is a way of Kiserena to show its confidence in the quality of their product. The DigiStom Spy Car Key Camera is exclusively available for purchase on Amazon, while supplies last.

    About DigiStom

    DigiStom is the newest brand established by Kiserena Inc, a company that is dedicated to finding and offering top quality items that are sought-after and appealing, including the Spy Car Key Camera. The company also has established itself as a brand known for a commitment to thoughtful, top-quality and intuitively designed products.

    Amendra Singh

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Paris, France -- The team at Case&More is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new blog. The newly released feature will aim to provide customers and consumers with late-breaking industry news, as well as entertaining and informative content.

    Case&More is the provider of "high-quality, stylish, and affordable device protection" as stated by Robert Mariani, the company sales consultant. Currently, the company offers the Hybrid Bumper Case for iPhone 6 and Tempered Glass for iPhone 6. Focused on quality customer support, Case&More quickly made the decision to create a professional blog soon after the company's 2015 launch.

    Today's consumers are driven by digital media, meaning that more and more people are turning to online means for answers. Inspired by the latest trends and anticipated growth in content demand, Case&More decided to launch a premium blog. Currently, the Case&More blog contains rich articles such as "Just How Gadgets Make History and Become Indispensable", "An iPhone Repair Costs Survey - Results", "How to Choose the Best Crystal Clear Case for iPhone 6", and "How to Find Toys or Gadgets on the Internet Without Losing Time in Searching".

    By offering all-new, exclusive content, Case&More aims to connect consumers with the latest news coming from the tech industry. "The company has taken heed of the call for better content from gadget companies, and the Case&More staff is committed to delivering top-notch customer support. Answering the call for a higher level of content, Case&More is excited to offer their new blog" says M. Mariani ending the presentation of their new website feature.

    Case&More will be adding fresh, new content on a continual basis. More information can be found at the company website.

    About Case&More

    Case&More is devoted to bringing simplicity of life to clients, by developing and designing high technology items like the new iPhone 6 hybrid case. Case&More consolidates driving edge technology and autonomous IP rights, bringing to market items with quality and functionality.

    Andrew Robertson
    +33 685096785

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    High End Fugetek Selfie Stick Review

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Houston, TX -- Fugetek Technologies, the developer of the newest and latest technology products, announced the company will be offering free shipping effective immediately on all orders of their latest release, the Fugetek Bluetooth Professional Selfie Stick. The offer applies to all purchases for the new selfie stick made on Amazon and is available for orders shipped within the continental United States. Fugetek Technologies wants to help the consumer get more value for the dollar and also insure the quickest shipping available.

    "We wanted customers to experience what a high quality selfie stick is like, so we decided to offer free shipping as an incentive and a way to say thank you for supporting us. Customers are doing everything they can to save money these days, so we thought free shipping would be one way to help with savings." States a Fugetek rep. "Our company is excited to offer free shipping to our loyal customers, and partnering with a company like Amazon to fulfill the orders is a great fit for everyone." Continues a spokesperson for Fugetek.

    In the past Fugetek has offered free shipping on certain products, but usually for a limited time only. With the introduction of the Fugetek Bluetooth Professional Selfie Stick, the company has decided to make this an ongoing offer, there is no expiration for the free shipping, no subscription fee, or minimum purchase requirement. Fugetek will cover the cost of standard shipping if the product is purchased through Amazon.

    The Fugetek Bluetooth Professional Selfie Stick is shipped for free via standard shipping and delivered to customers' doors within 3-5 business days after the order is processed. Amazon's sophisticated shipping and logistics networks has refined shipping and made it more efficient for the customer to get product faster.

    "Customers get an added value benefit with free shipping and an opportunity to simplify the online buying process. We have seen an enthusiastic response to our free shipping offers in the past, so we wanted this one to be ongoing." Added a Fugetek rep.

    The Fugetek Bluetooth Professional Selfie Stick is the latest offering from Fugetek Technologies. Free shipping on this product will run continuously without expiration.

    About Fugetek

    Fugetek is an innovative manufacturer of cutting edge technology products with offices in Asia and the United States. Known as one of the early pioneers in the competitive home theater market, Fugetek has always brought cutting edge technology to the consumer.


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Valley Cottage, New York -- Viivant is now offering a new product that aims to provide class and quality to electronic device users. Viivant is launching the 5000 mAh Slim Portable Charger with an introductory price of $25.99.

    The new Viivant portable charger has been designed to be different from its predecessors. The new charger has an aluminum unibody to prevent water, dirt and other materials to enter inside the charger. Since the product is made of aluminum, it is lightweight. The weight of the charger is 146 grams or 5.12 ounces. The rounded edges of the charger also allows the unit to be slipped into pockets with relative ease. The specially designed edges also give protection to fabrics as the users place the product in pants pockets or backpacks.

    "This new charger from Viivant is the result of an extensive research to answer the need of customers of a portable charging device that can give battery refills to phones, tablets and other electronics," said Lisa Clark, media director for Viivant. "We, at Viivant, only aim for the best. We want our customers and loyal followers to have the complete satisfaction that they deserve."

    The new Viivant charger is also thin, with a measurement of 0.3 inch. Some of the devices that can be recharged using the device are iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series phones, Motorola devices, HTC, and other devices with USB charging cables.

    Each unit has two output USB ports which allows for two simultaneous devices to be recharged at a single time. One output port give 2A charging while the other output port gives 1A charging. To recharge the device, users can plug it into an ordinary outlet and the other end to its microUSB port. The average recharging rate of the slim device is less than 4 hours.

    The product is offered, for a limited time only, at $25.99 on Amazon. More description about the product is available on the Viivant website or the Amazon listing.

    About Viivant

    Viivant strives to create cutting edge technology that allows users to take advantage of the monumental freedom offered by smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth devices, and other electronic devices. By developing leading mobile USB chargers, Viivant helps consumers overcome battery loss and enjoy sustained productivity, fun, and lifestyle.

    Lisa Clark
    +1 (877) 208-2230

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    MXX TEMPERED GLASS is made to protect screen of the device from shocks and scratches it is very effective in absorbing the impact.

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Flushing, NY -- Galaxy Note 4 is itself a beauty. However, it is not a worthless beauty as there are several high-end features packed into the device. It does not come comfortable on pocket. The sensible idea for the Galaxy Note 4 owners is to buy a strong protector for the screen to keep it safe from smudges, fingerprints and other kinds of damages. American business magnet MXx Accessories LLC has launched Note 4 Shatterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector to ensure reliable screen protection for the expensive Samsung device.

    The product is a little more than one-week old and survey suggests heavy shower of admiration and quick sale. Citing the statistics, the chief marketing officer of the American brand has claimed ‘selling like hot cakes' is enough to prove that the customers find it the perfect fit for the costly Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. It is currently being sold online by Amazon known for their immediate delivery service. On the company's behalf, it was announced that anyone having placed an order more than $35 would not have to pay anything for shipping cost.

    The brand has another offer in form of 30% reduction on the market price provided the buyers make an utterance of R4RCZJCO, the product's promo code. According to the words by the company's chief researcher, the product is based on an inventive approach embraced by MXx Accessories LLC to make the protector more functional but extremely affordable. In their words, the Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector is ultra slim, 100% shatterproof and made of very high quality shock-absorbing strong material.

    The research division head also insisted that only high quality tempered glass was used to retain high-density picture quality and touch sensitiveness that are two most important highlights of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. In other words, the protector does not hinder touch sensitivity and crystal clear display considered two most significant signatures of the handset. If his words are to rely on, the handset accessory is very easy to install even for the laymen. Touch-screen handset models often get their screens soiled due to fingerprints.

    "This Note 4 Shatterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector will protect the screen from fingerprints and smudges in order to retain picture-perfect clarity and quality of both images and texts. The protector is not heavy in weight and so causes no bad impact on the screen", explained one marketing officer. "Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sports a slim look and has a strong frame. The screen protector also features the same characters to be a good fit for the device. It wears a smart look and functions as a strong shield', he added.

    About MXx Accessories LLC

    With their location in New York, MXx Accessories LLC provides the best innovation cell phone accessories in the industry. They strive to give each customer high quality products help protect their expensive mobile device. Serving both the domestic and international sectors. MXx Accessories, LLC brings a fresh and innovative approach to cell phone accessories like the Note 4 Screen Protector.


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Eugene, Oregon -- EnnoLogic (TM) introduced the latest new product in its line of measurement devices, according to company documents.

    EnnoLogic's new eT1050D dual laser infrared thermometer has similar specialty features ennoLogic's flagship IR thermometer, the eT650D, including adjustable emissivity, dual laser targeting, optional back-lighting and auto shut off. The new eT1050D adds another 400°C/752°F to the temperature range. The expanded temperature range and supporting specialty features make it useful for higher temperature automotive diagnostics, and other advanced uses.

    The new laser thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer with a temperature range of -58°F to 1922°F (50°C to 1050°C).

    The unit comes with a scan feature that includes tracking of high, low, and average temperatures. It allows manual logging of up to 20 temperature readings. In addition, it features audible alarms for high and low temperature limits that can be set by the user.

    The dual laser sight provides increased targeting accuracy and the backlight on/off switch makes it easy to use the temp gun in bright and low light conditions.

    EnnoLogic (TM) is offering the eT1050D with a 9 volt battery and carrying holster included.

    Specifications of the eT1050D include:

    • Wide measurement range of -50°C to 1050°C (-58°F TO 1922°F).
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F.
    • Accurate to ± (1% of reading + 1°C/2°F) or ± 2°C/3.5°F, whichever is greater.
    • 10:1 distance to spot size ratio.
    • Fast power-up and response time of approximately half a second.
    • Dual laser pointer for precise targeting of test area.
    • Bright, easy-to-read backlight and large display
    • Backlight and dual laser can be turned on or off independently.
    • Auto shut off after 7 seconds. All user settings for laser, backlight, °C/°F, and emissivity are retained between uses.
    • One touch push button for switching temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
    • Adjustable emissivity for improved measurement accuracy across different surface types. Emissivity is adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00. Manually set the emissivity of the IR thermometer to match the material being measured to obtain more accurate readings.
    • Scan feature tracks minimum, maximum and average temperature readings. This makes it easy to see temperature variations on a surface. The averaging feature can also be used to obtain a more reliable reading.
    • High and low temperature alarms can be set to provide audible feedback when a target temperature is exceeded.
    • Lock feature for continuous hands-free measurement.

    The alarm feature is practical for uses such as candy making, frying, or measuring temperatures of lye solutions in soap making where specific process temperatures must be reached or maintained. Combined with the convenient lock feature, which allows the user to set up the thermometer to continuously monitor a target area without the need to hold down its trigger button, the eT1050D enables hands free operation.

    The eT1050D IR gun can be used in a wide range of applications from automotive diagnostics to HVAC inspections, or for cooking, grilling, soap making and many other uses.

    In the kitchen, the temperature gun provides instant surface temperature measurements of food, pizza stones, oven walls or refrigerator and freezer walls and contents. It can also be used to measure the temperature of sauté pan frying oil, or heat sensitive ingredients like liquids used in yeast breads, yogurt making,or specialty oils and ingredients like honey, raw cacao, etc.

    In HVAC applications, the laser thermometer provides accurate readings of gaps in insulation which can lead to increased costs for heating and cooling in the home or building. The scan feature allows for easy identification of high and low temperature extremes and tracks the average temperature for instantaneous comparison. The eT1050D can also be used for measuring the temperature of air conditioning and heating vents or water heater pipes to monitor performance.

    The eT1050D is an invaluable tool for automotive analysis and diagnostics. Use it to check cooling systems, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires. The precision and features of the eT1050D make it an excellent tool for all types of automotive system diagnostics.

    The EnnoLogic (TM) eT1050D dual laser infrared thermometer comes with a 9-volt battery, user manual, and carrying holster. The temp gun carries a ten year warranty and includes ennoLogic's hassle free replacement and 100% money back guarantee.

    About ennoLogic

    EnnoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. It is their goal to offer high-quality cutting-edge technology products at affordable prices.

    Chris Johnston
    541 525 9175

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Englewood, Florida -- Cargis Power Products is offering a bonus of one free premium micro USB cable, starting now, with the purchase of their 60 Watt 12 Amp 6 Port Smart USB Charger with Quick Charge 2.0 Support now available on Amazon. "There are no extra steps required in acquiring this bonus as the cable is packaged with the charging device," said a company representative.

    The representative also went on to say, "There are very few families now that don't own multiple devices and gadgets such as cell phones, tablets and kindles. These devices all need to be recharged and often at the same time. With the Cargis Power Products six usb ports, all family members can be charging simultaneously. And with the lighting port that supports Quick Charge 2.0, your device can be charged up to 75% faster. Our USB charger is well received in an office environment and and many other different types of work settings as it will create a centralized charging station that will give staff access to six ports to quickly charge their devices. The addition of a quality USB cable will allow our customer to spend less time searching their home or office for that elusive cable that manages to disappear at the most inconvenient times." One of their happy customers had this to say in their product review on Amazon, "Heavy duty bonus cable is as good or better than the original cable supplied."

    Most consumers who are buying a multi port charging device will benefit and frequently require extra usb cables as often times they can be lost, left behind and misplaced. "We have had one of the highest quality, heavy duty charge/data cables manufactured to deliver the best charge possible."

    About Cargis Power Products

    Cargis Power Products is a manufacturer and retailer of cutting edge technology. The company's stated objective is to provide quality, value and 5 star customer service. Available at


    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    Clear hard back panel with flexible matte edge, a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection. Front raised edges to help protect your iPhone phone when placed faced down. Available now!!

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Flushing, NY -- Apple has always enjoyed attention of high-heeled tech-crazy people for their wider range of iPhones, iPads and iPods. The American business giant has received admiring glances from the customers for their iPhone 6 model. The handset screams a sporty look and is loaded with a number of the most exciting features for several new functions. It sounds wise on part of the iPhone 6 owners to seek protection for their expensive handset. MXx Accessories LLC has launched their iPhone 6 Crystal Clear Case in order to safeguard iPhone 6 mobiles.

    The iPhone 6 is a fascinating model packed with several high-end functions. Needless to mention that it needs some strong protection to stay immune to sudden fall, fingerprints, shock and smudges. The American company has claimed their product 100% shockproof and sturdy. It can be directly sourced from Amazon that has always promised instant delivery. The USA mobile device case manufacturer has also promised 30% cut off the marked price for those buyers uttering KDAJRDB6 – a promotional code.

    The company also offers a 60-day warranty for the product and assures that it would offer 100% protection to the handset. The product came up earlier the last week and reports understand that the Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Clear Case is much loved by the iPhone 6 buyers. According to survey, some buyers are even buying the protecting case first before heading to the electronic stores for handset purchase. The New York-based company has emphasized that the case looks slim and stylish just like the model and made of very quality shock-absorbing frame.

    The case protecting iPhone 6 has anti-scratch coating on its crystal clear back, with the company confirming that the coating is made from very high quality material. The iPhone 6 cover is designed to fit the 4.7 inch Apple model of the last year. The cover has several cut-outs to allow plugging into headphone charge, jack and other ports. The case also features see-through hard back panel along with flexible matte edge. It has been made clear from the company's end that the combination of TPU and Polycarbonate ensures double protection.

    The iPhone 6 cover is allegedly made from a sturdy material that will give it a ‘long-lasting staying power". The transparent case has raised edges that are designed to provide the screen with extra care and protection from unforeseen damages when its face is downwards. There are several expensive and cutting-edge handsets coming out from different companies, with iPhone 6 being one of them.

    About iPhone Clear Case

    With location in New York, MXx Accessories LLC provides the best innovation cell phone accessories in the industry. They strive to give each customer high quality products help protect their expensive mobile device. Serving both the domestic and international sectors. MXx Accessories, LLC brings a fresh and innovative approach to cell phone accessories like the iPhone 6 case.


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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) London, UK -- New Product Announcement

    Purchasing a Power Bank can be confusing. They are so many on the market to choose from. The latest mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful enabling us to access the latest technology. This in turn has resulted in ensuring the mobile devices have better battery design and power. With so much reliance on these devices it has become critical to keep them charged throughout the day.

    But, choosing the right Power Bank has become a nightmare. Apart from the design and price; Power Banks rely heavily on their internal batteries consequently safety and reliability is of critical importance otherwise they could at the very least damage the device. The design, manufacturing and packaging processes all contribute to the final performance of the Power Bank.

    Important aspects of a Power Bank are:

    • Good quality batteries which can be Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer
    • A good circuit design that has circuit protection which ensures against overvoltage or high fluctuations in temperature
    • Greater care taken in the manufacturing and packaging of the Power Bank

    All these features help ensure that the Power Bank does not overheat and in the worst cases explode. If these precautions are taken then it is less likely for the Power Bank to overheat and protects it from changes in humidity and temperature changes.

    Some Important factors when purchasing a Power Bank:

    High Capacity and a Cheap Price:
    • Many Power Banks have refurbished batteries to make them cheaper. Choose a Power Bank that is preferably branded and has a warranty attached to it
    Specification of the Mobile Device:
    • Note the battery and capacity specifications of the Mobile phone that requires charging. The Power Bank should have the same capacity size or more than the device so that it can be fully charged at least once. If the phone frequently runs out of charge then choose a Power Bank that has a higher mAh so that it can charge the device more than once with a single full charge.
    Voltage of the Power Bank:
    • It is important to ensure that the output Voltage of the Power Bank is higher than or equal to the mobile device.
    Using the original connector:
    • Always use the original connector or one with the same specifications to ensure that there is not a short circuit between the devices and more stability in output.
    Real Capacity:
    • Many companies claim their Power Banks have very high capacities; some 30000mAh+! In most cases the actual output is much less than this. The result of this is that the device will take longer to charge and the Power Bank will require recharging more frequently.
    Safety features:
    • When considering the Power Bank; choose one that has an auto Power cut function so that it prevents a short circuit or getting overcharged

    Further details can be found on this link including Special Promotional offers for this Power Bank.

    About Apex Initiatives

    Apex Initiatives is an established importer for the supply of gadgets and gifts at the best prices. Currently they are promoting their Gifts and Gadgets.

    Adam Shah

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, Utah -- JYBO Life announced today the release of their new JYBO Tech Portable Bluetooth GK01 Speaker, a portable, waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker for people on the go. These tough little speakers utilize Bluetooth 4.0 technology, are extremely rugged and come with a convenient carabiner to attach them to a backpack, belt loop, shower curtain ring or any other item of choice.

    The JYBO Tech Bluetooth Speakers currently come in three colors (black, yellow and army green/grey). They produce amazing sound that belies their small size and are waterproof making them a great option for the shower or bath. Using the rechargeable internal lithium ion battery, the speaker can play up to 12 hours depending on volume before needing to be recharged.

    Since its inception, JYBO Life's goal has been to create products that increase the quality of their customer's lives. Co-Founder and CEO Jim Haley stated "Because music is such an important aspect of our lives, we wanted to give our customers the ability to take their music with them wherever they go. It's an added benefit that these speakers are waterproof, shockproof and so easily attached to whatever you like."

    There has been an outpouring of positive feedback from customers. One review stated, "I received the speaker on time as expected. The sound quality is wonderful and works perfectly for my use camping or even on my bicycle." Another customer stated "Highly recommended! This speaker puts out a surprisingly big sound for such a portable speaker! It is built well and feels very solid. It paired immediately with my iPhone and worked great! I got the yellow and the color is true to the picture on Amazon."

    Mr. Haley stated, "Our business is directed and inspired by our customers. We genuinely appreciate and value their thoughts and feelings regarding our products." He has an infectious enthusiasm for the business and feels JYBO Life is well positioned to continue creating products that enhance the lives of their customers for years to come.

    With the release of their new JYBO Tech Weatherproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers, JYBO Life continues their mission to provide high quality products at affordable prices.

    About JYBO Life

    JYBO Life is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and tech products. Their mission is to make their customer's lives a little easier with well designed and easy to use every-day products.

    Jim Haley

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) South Riding, Virginia -- DigiStom's recently launched spy car key camera with 4GB SD card is gradually emerging as a preferred hidden camera device in the leading online retail store. Within its relatively short duration in, this spy keychain camera has received positive reviews from its end users. The company feels that the early success of the product can be owed to its quality materials, functionality, and reasonable pricing.

    The DigiStom Spy Car Key Camera was designed to help end users capture important moments covertly. A good number of customers on Amazon have expressed their delight about the product's functionality and quality. This spy car key camera comes with a 4GB SD card and mini USB cable that can be used to connect the device to the computer and keeping it fully charged. The device can also be used as a PC webcam which allows for video chatting with friends and family. The product's introductory sale price in Amazon is $22.99 only.

    An Amazon customer reviewer named Chen says, "Fantastic hidden video camera. This device is very cool. For the price and size of the device, video and photos are great quality. This mini keychain camera works as expected. The operations guide eBook comes in handy for me in knowing how to use the device. It comes with 4GB SD card too. The spy cam can be recharged by just connecting it into the computer using the USB cable. The seller and service is also great. So overall, this video camera is handy and works great. Love it! Highly recommended."

    The DigiStom Spy Car Key Camera is currently available on with a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee for risk-free purchasing. Free shipping is also offered on orders over $35 or for Amazon Prime members.

    About DigiStom

    DigiStom is the newest brand established by Kiserena Inc, a company that is dedicated to finding and offering top quality items that are sought-after and appealing, including the Spy Car Key Camera. The company also has established itself as a brand known for a commitment to thoughtful, top-quality and intuitively designed products.

    Amendra Singh

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Svendborg, Syddanmark -- With a Bachelor in Advertisement and Public Relations and years of experience for international Advertising Agencies, Natalia Durán, takes the new position as SEO Coordinator for Clean Screen Wizard, the Danish Company specialized in microfiber cleaning cloths. The details can be found on the About Us section of Clean Screen Wizard website.

    "The company is pleased to welcome Natalia Durán to take charge of search engine optimization" said Johanna Rivero, Clean Screen Wizard Co-owner. "The expansion of the product line with the launching of a new computer screen cleaner, requires search engine strategist to guide the company through the fast pace of change in the internet marketing, Natalia Durán has just the skillset the position requires".

    In the company new role, Natalia Durán, is expected to handle: Elaborate good quality content related to the products or products niches, such as articles, videos, press releases, infographics, etc. - Post and promote that content in all the social media platforms - Keyword research - Management of online business development campaigns and social media promotions.

    One of the primary missions the new SEO Coordinator will face is the optimization of the company website as well as the social media platform, including: the Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter and Tumblr account and more, submitting relevant good content about all the products and the importance of using microfiber cleaning cloths and other regular cleaning tasks.

    Customers interested in learning more about the company's team work are invited to visited the Clean Screen Wizard website.

    About Clean Screen Wizard

    Clean Screen Wizard is a company based in Svendborg, Denmark, which designs and sells a variety of products, including high quality solutions for mobile phones, tablets, screens and other delicate surfaces.

    Johanna Rivero

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, Utah -- JYBO Life announced today that Amazon is offering a money back guarantee for 30 days on the purchase of their new JYBO Tech 5000mAh Solar Battery Chargers. In addition to the Amazon guarantee, JYBO Life stands behind every one of their products and encourages any customer that may encounter an issue to contact them at The JYBO Tech Solar Battery Chargers were designed to be rugged for outdoor activities as well as functional for the business person on the go.

    JYBO Life's Co-Founder and CEO Jim Haley stated, "We genuinely care about the happiness of our customers. They are the reason we're in business. We are absolutely committed to working with any customer that isn't entirely happy with their purchase of a JYBO Life product." .

    One customer recently stated, "This solar battery pack is great to charge any phone or tablet. When the battery pack is at 100%, it can charge my HTC One M8 to 100% and still have plenty of power left over. It is very convenient to have the solar panel as well for those times that you don't have an outlet to plug this in to to charge it. This is a way better purchase than any jolt charger available. I will definitely use this on my next 3 day backpacking/fly fishing trip with my dad!" Customer feedback is always taken into consideration during JYBO Life's product development process.

    The release of their new 5000mAh Solar Battery Chargers along with their unconditional guarantee positions JYBO Life to continue their mission to provide high quality, customer-centric products at affordable prices.

    About JYBO Life

    JYBO Life is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and tech products. Their mission is to make their customer's lives a little easier with well designed and easy to use every-day products.

    Jim Haley

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